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Wood entry doors – Take your time when a wood entry doors style is selected, as there are many to choose form. Doors main arch were a staple of Gothic and Tudor architectural element and styles also common in French domestic architecture, as Camille Enlart states in his book, “The Gothic and Renaissance in Cyprus.” Doors main arch can give away any home a cozy and picturesque effect, almost reminiscent of a house in a fairytale.

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Craftsman wood entry doors are elegant, distinctive style simplicity. Such doors usually have a small rectangular window at the top; sometimes the window is a single pane of glass, sometimes could consist of several panels. The rest of the door often contains a large “T” shaped size that gives the shape and texture of the door. The design is not very demanding, but has a stately look that is ideal for a craftsman style house.

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Dutch wood entry doors are decidedly rustic and add a distinctive look to the main entrance of your home. Dutch doors consist of a door made of upper and lower halves, and are frequently observed in cottages of time. These doors give you the freedom to allow fresh air in your home, without the danger of children or pets that roam outside or fear of squirrels.

Painting Wood Entry Doors

For best results, as in his painting technique for the type of gateway, either a flat slab with carved panels or remove tape or masking tape any door hardware – doorknobs, sockets or knockers. Hold the door in place and unscrew the hinges of the door frame. Place a tarp or plastic sheeting on the surface on which you want to paint the wood entry doors. Place the door in the center of the canvas or plastic sheeting.

Sand the primer with fine sandpaper grit to smooth the primer down and use a dry brush to remove dust from sanding dust from the door. Apply paint wood entry doors mostly flat with a roller or brush. Use a small brush to soften the paint in the areas of door decoration as simple carvings in the center of the doors.

Flip the door more than once the paint dries and paint the opposite in the same manner as the first side. Allow the paint to dry completely. Add one to two coats of paint to the door, one side at a time, allowing the paint to dry thoroughly between coats. Once dry, hinges and hardware back to the door and the door to the wood entry doors frame.

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