Upgarde Mirorred Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold closet doors – Decide on a design for your mirrors bifold closet doors and get a piece of frosted window glass contact paper. Modernising the bedroom, go with an elegant geometric design such as circles, squares or stripes. Cut the contact paper into desired shapes. Hold them up to the mirror while you will have an idea of how they might look. Clean the mirror surface with a lint free cloth and alcohol. Remove the rear of the contact paper and apply to mirrors if you wish. Measure the height and width of the bifold doors. Add 2 inches to 2 inches in height and width.

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Select a role of contact for your doors. This can be a print, steel or wood finish steel contact paper imitation or frosted glass. Cut a piece of contact paper for each door panel bifold closet doors according to their calculations. Clean the door for cleaning with a lint-free cloth and alcohol. Clean around the edges of each panel bifold well, going all around the door.

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Remove the back of a piece of contact paper and place it in one of the bifold closet doors panels.Smooth it to remove wrinkles and air bubbles and fold the overlapping around the sides of the panel edges. Repeat for the other folding panels.

How to Repair Bifold Closet Doors

How to repair bifold closet doors? If this folding door (double) your closet has wobbles or just gets stuck, it is probably due to a defective or loose pin pivot. There is a way to repair the door but requires a little time, the right tools and some patience. Remove the door rail lifting the panel and sliding out. Get the pivot pin his hole. You may need pliers to do this.

Get a wooden dowel (a round wooden stick) and drill the pivot hole in the cabinet door with the diameter of the pin. Apply glue into the hole and insert the pin. Leave to dry. When dry cut it is flush with the door. Now you have a door without a hole for the pivot pin. Drill a new hole to secure the pivot pin. You may need to get a new pin if the current one is damaged. Align the bifold closet doors, lift it and reinstall it in place.

Lift and remove the bifold closet doors rail. Remove the piece of broken door freeing it from the hinges. Measures broken collapsible section and buy a similar with accurate measurements in a hardware store or building materials. Paint or apply a finish on the door to match the existing

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Repair bifold closet doors,

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