To Adjust Torsion Spring Garage Door

Torsion spring garage door – The garage door torsion springs are located on a metal rod to the inside top of the garage door. The voltage must be adjusted when the garage door does not open and close properly. If either the garage door torsion springs are broken or worn, so they need to be adjusted. Adjusting a garage door torsion spring is a potentially dangerous thing to do if you are not careful.

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Look at the torsion spring garage door. There is a reddish cone on the left side of the spring which would be the side away from the center of the garage door. Note the screws and indentations that hold it in place. Take a metal rod that is about 18 inches long and ½ cm in diameter and put it into the first notch to keep the cone. Ensure that the rod is fixed in position and able to keep the cone.

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Use A 7/16-inch wrench to loosen the two set screws while keeping the rod in the notch of the cone. It is very important that you hold the rod in place, as this could be the part that is potentially dangerous. If you take the rod out while loosening the screws to torsion spring, then it could snap and hit you. Place a second bar of the same size in another notch on the cone. Keep one hand on each rod and turn the cone to the right to tighten and left to loosen the tension. Remove one rod from the ground of the torsion spring garage door while keeping the other in place in another notch.

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