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The main purpose of the sliding French doors is, besides being an opening in a room or building, allowing large amounts of light entering. Sliding glass doors also allow between lots of light into the room, French doors differ in that they have hinges on both sides and instead consist of two glass plates; one remains motionless against a partition while the other slides along a rail. The option to install a French door or sliding door depends on the aesthetic sense of the buyer.

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Sliding French doors normally considered decorative. Have multiple windows or lights, door covering up and down. These pieces of glass are divided with wooden beams. Occasionally, glasses in hand above the door are decorated with stained glass or other ornaments. These doors open for a series of hinges at one side of the door.

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The first step in installing sliding French doors is clean space where the door will be placed. This includes dismantling the sliding racks, or any other part that goes against the unit. The second step is to seal along the side of the fixed side wall where the door is placed. The third steps involve placing drywall screws along the side with sealant and then attach the hinges of the door.

Installing Sliding French Doors

As in the first step of installing sliding French doors, the first step in installing a sliding door is to remove all material from both sides of the door frame. This includes the insulation and debris. The sealant must be placed along the side of the door will remain stationary. Once the screws are inserted into the wall to hold the door in place, you must build a rail either below or above the door frame and place rollers or pegs accordingly. The second sliding door must then carefully place on the rail.

French doors are more ornamental than sliding. Sliding French doors are usually placed as a door to the outside, either a patio or even a front door. French doors usually not used as a front door, however because of the large amount of glass in them, are easy to break.

Sliding French doors are usually placed for access to patios and backyards. Sliding doors have many uses, but these are usually to the inside of a house. Used to shower enclosures, doors to the basement and cabinet doors. They are not decorative and French doors, so rarely used as inputs to the exterior of a house.

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