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The wardrobes with mirrored closet doors meet the useful purpose of visually enlarge a room and provide a full length image of ourselves. Clean the wardrobe mirror with common window cleaner. Blow dry with a lint-free cloth. Measures the mirror to the exact width and height. Measure each side separately because it is likely that not all are equal. Spread a layer window on a hard surface with the portion of the coating is removed pointing up. Cut the layer with a knife.

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Separates the layer of the coating can be removed. Ask for help from someone because the layer is large and could be unwieldy. Spray soapy water on the mirrored closet doors. Place a towel on the floor to catch spills. Suffice with a little dishwasher. Soapy water allows the sliding layer and can be replaced.

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Grab the top of the layer and have your assistant check the bottom. Turn the lining so that the sticky side is facing the mirrored closet doors. Layer placed on top of the mirror and see working down. Make the necessary adjustments to keep partner. Spray soapy water over top of the liner and use your hands to make the necessary adjustments.

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Mirrored closet doors – Although mirrored closet doors was once a design staple for making a room look brighter and bigger, mirrored closet doors is now an old construction piece that can prevent a room from developing into a modern design aesthetic. Before you decide to ditch the doors and start from scratch, consider some DIY design projects that will not only update the mirrored doors, but turn them into important design elements in a modern interior space.

Mirrored closet doors frosted glass finish is usually used to increase opacity clear glass windows for privacy or lighting promised. Frosted glass finish can also be used to update your mirrored closet doors and keep them up-to-date with current style trends. Frosted glass kit or frosted glass finish can be purchased at most hardware or craft stores.

For a modern or contemporary look, creating geometric patterns with frosted glass mirrored closet doors. A sequence of squares that covers most of the surface of the mirror will downplay the presence of the mirror while a series of circles arranged as floating bubbles will create a striking focal point in the room. Another option is to use frosted glass paint or etching materials to create complex flowers or spiral pattern around the frame or on the

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