The Different Styles Of Front Door Awnings

Front doors awnings – Installing an awning or canopy in front of your house increases the beauty of your home. The awnings are installed above the front doors awnings, windows and porches, and are available in different types and styles. A variety of styles are available for canopies and awnings. The awnings are available in fixed and retractable styles. Awnings fixed awnings are specifically designed for doors as a protection against the weather. Canopies are available in a variety of materials such as aluminum, and vinyl canvas.

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The retractable variety can be manually or equipped with an electric motor. Retractable front door awnings offer greater versatility. The manual retractable models are usually open and close in less than a minute and require less maintenance. The motorized versions are usually available with remote devices.

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Front Door Awnings DesignSize: 1600 x 1200

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Glass Front Door AwningsSize: 1107 x 1107

Metal Front Door AwningsSize: 1405 x 745

Some styles of awnings and fixed front door awnings are available in aluminum. Aluminum resists flaking, fading and will last for years with low maintenance. Aluminum is lightweight, and commercial producers offer a variety of colors to choose from. Fabric such as canvas, usually have protective coatings against major, moisture and UV rays to make it more durable. Vinyl, a coating placed on polyester fabric is easy to clean and resists moisture and is durable.