Special French Door Window Treatments

French door window treatments, with inserted windows, added a touch of elegance to a room, but can create a challenge when deciding what to use to cover the glass. The owners now have a greater choice to decorate their French doors. All these options do not require hiring a professional to install, offering the homeowner the advantage of changing out when redecorating.

Posted on January 14, 2019 Barn & French

Use glass frosting spray as French door window treatments to give different look and provide an additional level of privacy. This is a good alternative when you cannot hang a curtain rod. Krylon has a glass frosting spray dried in less than an hour (see Resources). For an extra touch, record a stencil – like a sheet, roll or diamond – the window before spraying. If you find you do not like the design, you can spray-glaze glass with a razor blade.

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Decorative films for French door window treatments gives the appearance of privacy with beautiful stained glass windows and window frosting as aerosol, can be used when you can not hang a curtain rod. Arts cape window films are easy to apply, easy to remove and reuse, and come in a variety of designs.

Gorgeous French door Window Treatments at Home

French door window treatments can be beautiful additions to any room. To choose curtains for doors, first consider if the window coverings have to add privacy and then select the appropriate according to their needs curtains.

French door window treatments offer additional options cover the window open. Riding a board on the wall ledge above the doors and Roman shades Monte within the Board of the ledge. Pull the Roman curtains to let in light and use the doors; Roman shades down all the way to control light and privacy. When Roman shades are upward, only the decorative board of the ledge will be visible above the doors.

Install simple curtain rods for French door window treatments. Select curtain panels with pockets bar at the top and bottom and attach the curtain panels to curtain rods top and bottom. Leave the curtain panels to cover windows or collect all privacy curtain panels in the center of the window with a tape or strip of fabric to allow more light into the room. You can also Use special window film designed to cover windows for etching effect. This film provides privacy yet allows light through the windows. Choose your design and cut to fit, if necessary.