Solid Wood Interior Doors Ideas

Solid wood interior doors – The doors are synonymous with privacy, to maintain a closed space, security and opening your home and the doors have different functions. The door designs are according to space, and can be the main doors, which give outward; are the interior doors of the rooms, which are for absolute privacy, as well as the bathrooms and showers.

Posted on January 19, 2019 Door Ideas

Solid wood interior doors elements mass are used extensively throughout the interior, both in the furniture and walls also offering storage space additional in different connections. Details solid as wood raw painted give one advantage nice for these interiors natural with a relaxed tone and an atmosphere Earth. The interior fit perfectly with all the vegetation that appears behind the windows of the house.

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Solid wood interior doors sheets appear throughout the apartment called Voorhout. The kitchen, minimalist design shows a compact and functional furniture is made ​​largely also with solid wood with a natural finish and you will find imperfections on the boards and finished unvarnished, this is precisely the charm of this design. Many modern designs for visible architectural structures. Natural wood beams you see in the above image are very characteristic of the interior of the old and rustic houses nowadays these items have been recovered to begin to become part of the modern decor.

Trim a Solid Wood Interior Doors

Solid wood interior doors will not look right if it is not trimmed out with equally pleasant wood. The installation of the trim is your chance to highlight the wood of the door while hiding space between the casing and the wall. By staining the trim the same color as the door in advance, and put the first two of the three layers of paint you need, you will save much time and effort to try to keep the stain and paint off the walls.


Measure the top of the solid wood interior doors, from corner to corner. Transfer the measurement to a piece of your prefinished trim, with the markings on the bottom edge. Leave some space on the outside of each mark. Place the trim on the miter platform, with the lower edge of the board facing the back of the platform. Set one of the two brands directly in front of the blade. Keep the trim above the door opening horizontally.

The lower edge of the trim should be in line with the upper edge of the door opening, and the two helical cut should be angled up and out of the two corners.  Place nails every foot along the upper and lower edges of the trim nailed with your outfit. Straight-cut bottom turn ends at 90 degrees above. Brush a thin coat of lacquer after the entire perimeter of the trim is installed on the solid wood interior doors.