Sliding Glass Door Curtains Ideas

There is a world of possibilities for sliding glass door curtains. Beyond the traditional curtains with a border, you can really explore new and innovative techniques that allow you to make a statement with their ideas. There are an infinite number of possibilities of color and texture as well, allowing you to mix the treatments well with the decor of the room.

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The traditional sliding glass door curtains and valance timeless. You can choose between different colors, textures and weights shade to complement the look of any decor. A point to note is that the curtain brackets should be screwed directly to the studs, instead of anchor brackets drywall.

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Vertical blinds are a unique sliding glass door curtains window treatment. These come in a variety of colors, styles and slat width. Moreover, the strips come in different textures like wood grain appearance, high gloss or matte. If you are an artist, get a matte white one, and the use of the slats closed as a canvas to create your own artwork. These certainly have to be mounted on wooden poles as they are quite heavy and restart the drywall. Bamboo blinds are another unique way to decorate a glass door honda. These are made using thin bamboo strips, and rolled in place aside.

Find Ideal Sliding Glass Door Curtains

Sliding glass door curtains – The most common is to be placed curtains on any of windows of our homes, but we know that it is possible to have these same elements on doors. Of course we are talking about glass doors, and usually those that are large. These glass doors are almost always found in houses large and those that are built in countryside or in large spaces, which permits you to have a better view of nature and more contact with her.

Still, there are also conventional doors, and not so large, they are made of glass and some choose to dress with curtains, because they feel that fits decor of environment that contains them. However, most common is to place on doors large glass that look out onto gardens, terraces , patios , open fields or beaches, for which we must find sliding glass door curtains types and models that best lend themselves to agree to use them Demos, amount of light we want to have, quality of our intimacy, and obviously, our personal tastes.

To do this, you have to know which are curtains translucent best suited because they allow to have illuminated atmosphere despite being closed. Some place other types of cloth curtains, which may be of other colors, on top of translucent ones, so that they have more privacy, but considering that they do not generate an environment too charged with very thick and heavy sliding glass door curtains.