Sliding Door Screen Hardware

Sliding door screen – The screen doors are a great way to allow fresh air into your home while circulating stale air out. With the aid of a screen is held insects and other pests while the air flow is unrestricted. Many houses have a screen door that swings out on the back porch or deck. While swinging doors are useful, they tend to waste space due to cornering radius.

Posted on February 19, 2019 Sliding Door

Using a sliding door instead, you can enjoy all take a screen without wasting any valuable living space. Sliding door screen hardware is required to operate these types of doors and the hardware features completely different from the traditional hinges many homeowners are accustomed.

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Patio Sliding Screen DoorSize: 1600 x 1200

Best Sliding Screen DoorSize: 3648 x 2736

Sliding door screen are installed on tracks which surround the top and bottom of the door. A guide rail is clipped to the door, which makes it possible to slide easily along the track. When the doors opened, the rest either in parallel with the walls of the home or inside them, in a scenario called “pocket doors.” In addition to the tracks include sliding door hardware one auxiliary bolt to connect the leaves together, and an entrance lock to keep out hackers and protect the home.