Simple Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Door

Window treatments for sliding glass door – A sliding glass door lets light of large picture windows but pair it with a large movable door, making selection of window treatments are a challenge. Window coverings you choose for this type of area must pair versatility and openness needed for such large windows with durability needed for a high-traffic area. There are a number of window coverings to account for both of these needs.

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If privacy is not an issue for you, choose a window valance, spanning entire top length of your sliding glass door and hang from a decorative rod. They are usually not longer than 15 inches, to give color and texture of a fabric curtain while a nearly unrestricted access to sliding glass door. Because valance is suspended from curtain rod, there is no curtain to reorganize or push out of way to make this kind of window treatments for sliding glass door a low-maintenance, high-impact setting.

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A more traditional look, install curtains on a traverse rod. This style of drape and rod allows you to open and close curtains with drapery pulls. These types of window treatments for sliding glass door makes area look much more like traditional window coverings than a sliding glass door and allows for easy opening and closing of curtains. Installing traverse rod and curtains are usually conducted with a drill and drapery hangers.

Best Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Window treatments for sliding glass doors – If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you might think the only chance to dress a sliding glass door is to use Vertical blinds. Virtually any treatment that you would use on a standard window can be used on a sliding glass door.

Window treatments for sliding glass doors, Fabric curtains can be used on sliding glass doors, adding color, pattern and structure provide privacy in a room. If you use this option provides the bracket for lever long enough curtains to open and close without catching on the handle or any other part of the door. Using tiebacks and hold-backs, so the curtains can be stored safely out the door when not in use. Determine if you need curtains to completely cover the sliding glass door. If so, the standard store-bought curtains not wide enough. You may need to buy extra panels to get the coverage that you require. Another option would be to have them custom made for the specific size of your door.

Window treatments for sliding glass doors, another option is to use shades. About the fabric roll or woven, these powerful and stylish treatments work well on sliding glass doors. Shades are typically installed by screw brackets in the heading window above the door. When measuring for installation, secure the brackets are mounted high enough to allow for complete door opening angle when the shades are fully raised. Sliding panels of lightweight fabric or woven natural materials move back and forth along a track that in only as much light as you want. Installation is fairly simple. A thin trail is mounted to the window head, the panels are slid into the lane and a head rail is attached to hide the hardware. These panels slide side to side and cannot move vertically.

Stylish Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Decorate a boring sliding door with an elegant cover generate a style instantly and privacy. Curtains in shades add a touch of bright color, to any room. You can also choose sophisticated prints, as a design of flowers or light fabric. Add an exotic touch with shoji screens inspired by Asia to window treatments for sliding glass doors. Equally chic, bamboo blinds will give a space a touch of island, while allowing sun to shine.

Roman Blind Curtain adds an elegant and sleek appearance, since it is a single flat piece of material. This type of window covering can be an ideal for a modern, neat interior design choice, and is not likely to be walked on or trapped in door. A printed color fabric used for curtains for sliding doors can also add a lot of interests and style. It’s a good idea to use a neutral color liner, so it is to be window treatments for sliding glass doors

other style window treatments for sliding glass doors is one to consider gently simplified pleated panels that are connected to a rod with eyelets or rings. A decorative curtain rod and features such as eyelets of metal or wooden rings clips can give interest to a basic sliding door

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