Replacing Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

Great, sliding mirror closet doors were not in style from 2010, so many people want to replace them. Measure the opening of her closet. Then measure from the inside of the cutting face at the top to the top of the floor surface side. These measures represent the actual aperture size.

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Prime and paint or stain and seal your doors on both sides before installation. Use a satin finish paint quality or cut a 3 inch paintbrush and a foam roller 4 inches. The roller helps to apply the finishing faster and brush produces a smoother finish. Allow your paint or stain to dry completely before installing the doors. Most dry finished in 24 hours. Remove the sliding mirror closet doors rising up and out of their holders. You can take two people to carry each door.

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Install the new top bracket, using the hardware provided with the support and an electric screwdriver. Raise your new back door (roller hardware must already be installed). Slide the rollers on the track. Repeat with the gateway. Place the lower bracket in the center of the opening between the two sliding mirror closet doors. Screw the lower support on the floor. Drill pilot holes if you are mounting on the hardwood.

Stunning Sliding Mirror Closet Doors

Sliding mirror closet doors – Although mirrored closet doors was once a design brief to make a room brighter and larger, mirrored closet doors is now an outdated design piece that can prevent a room from progressing into a modern design aesthetic. Before you decide to drop doors and start over, consider some DIY design projects, not only update mirrored doors, but make them key design elements in a modern interior spaces.

One of simplest fixes to sliding mirror closet doors is to cover doors with fabric panels. Buy a wide, decorative curtain rod and attach it to frame of mirrors. Hanging heavy substance in a complementary color from rod to cover mirror. Fabric panels maintain function of mirror, but hide mirror from ordinary view. Select a fabric that matches shade of room, or get a contrast by selecting a modern color or pattern, which transforms space into a visual focal point in space.

Create a modern look or tie in mirror for rest of design scheme. Although most wall decals can be applied to sliding mirror closet doors surfaces, decals cannot be easily removed. Instead choose decals are specifically designed for mirrors to ensure easy removal and re-use. Some stickers are available in translucent varieties not interfere in mirror reflective ability. Consider simple designs like flowers or astrological pieces or more dynamic and adventurous options like dragons or dinosaurs for a playful mood.

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