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Mid century modern garage doors come in a variety of sizes and materials. Besides the dimensions, garage doors come with different power lifting mechanisms. Knowing what specifications to distinguish a door from another is an excellent way to begin your search for a new or replacement garage door. Power mid century modern garage doors come with three types of drive system: belt, screw or chain. A belt-drive system is surprisingly quiet and can be used on very heavy doors of almost any material. Screw chain drive systems rely on a threaded steel beam to raise and lower the door. Chain drive garage uses a rotating chain to pull the garage door up and lower it. They are usually the cheapest option.

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Mid century modern garage doors are required to have an automatic stop and reverse mechanism and sensor to prevent people, animals and objects from being damaged by a lowering door. Most mid century modern garage doors come with a sensor that is installed along the sides of the garage at a given height. An invisible beam between the sensors is established, and when broken triggers an immediate halt and reverse response from the garage door. Alternatively, some garage has a digital security feature that monitors and changes the speed of the door and put it in contact with an object.

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Mid century modern garage doors come with a variety of lighting systems. Most commonly, the light on when the door is raised or lowered and remains active for a certain time, generally no more than a few minutes.

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