Pocket Door Lock Installation

Pocket doors lock makes great space savers because they open inside the wall. This permits furniture to be positioned next to the door on both sides of the wall. By installing a pocket door locks, these doors provide privacy in bathrooms and other areas with limited wall and floor space

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Mark the door for cutting. Use the included template as a guide. Measure the distance from the floor to the center of the other door locks, and use this to place the template. Cut the door. Use a jigsaw or coping saw, and cut along the cutting lines from step 1. When the cutting is complete, there should be a rectangular slit in the side of the door.

Install pocket door lock with slide the lock in place and ensure that the perimeter edges of the lock slip over the door. Use the supplied screws to fasten the lock to the door. Mark the door frame latch. With the lock installed, close the pocket door almost completely. Use the utility knife to trace the outline of the latch plate on the door frame.

Use a chisel to mortise lock plate. Start by cutting the outline deeper into the jamb using the utility knife. Install the latch. Place the latch plate in the plug-in created in step 5 and screw it into the door frame. Close the pocket door completely and turn the lock. If it opens, adjust the position of the latch plate until it stays closed when locked.

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