Over The Door Jewelry Armoire

Door Jewelry Armoire – In previous days, the homes were not equipped cabinets and built in wardrobes. Therefore, the pieces of furniture in separate cabinets and shelves had to be made to provide the necessary space to store clothes and other items.

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Armoires is storage and furniture of organization that have been used for many centuries. Armoires is the cabinets that are built with shelves. This allows the armoires are moved easily through the House if necessary.

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A certain feeling that the name “Armoire” comes from an original use of these cabinets to store weapons to defend homes and palaces from enemies. A more practical reason might be the Italian term “weapon”, which means tools, to indicate that the armoire was used initially as the tool cabinets. What could be its use, the armoires have come a long way in terms of their use and design over the door jewelry armoire. They are now used in all quarters. A pantry armoire can be used to carry out the plates, cups and articles non-perishable food.

A jewelry armoire is a piece of furniture very elegant allowing to store effectively various pieces of  over the door jewelry armoire. The jewelry armoires come with hooks, pegs and the space of separate storage for rings, bangles, and chains. They provide an efficient and elegant way to display the stored jewelry. The jewelry armoires are used many times to preserve the legacies of family through the generations.