Open Sliding Door Lock Uses A Key Bumping

Sliding door lock – Remember, before attempting to break down the door or force with a pick, you must be absolutely sure that you have no choice. You also need time to master most of the methods discussed in this article. First to open sliding door lock is get bumping key. A bumping key is a key that fits the lock you want to force, but it does not open by itself. Whenever the key fits the lock, you can become a key bumping filling each cut to the minimum acceptable depth.

Posted on February 20, 2019 Sliding Door

Bumping fits the key in the sliding door lock until the last piston. The piston locks rotation and locks are made ​​of a round rotating segment when all pistons are aligned, unlocking the door movement. Each click you hear as you enter the key is a piston that rises tooth lock and then falls below this cut. Push the key until only a piston to lift.

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Hits and turn the key bumping to open sliding door lock. Since the pistons inside the lock are divided into two sections, the blow transfers force to the lower section (which rests against insurance), which then transfers the force to the upper section (which prevents the latch to move).

How to Remove Sliding Door Locks

The sliding door locks are held only with the accessory provided. After removing the old lock you must replace it with a new one. Wait before you ditch your old lock. Use it to buy a new one that fits your door. Not all fit like locks on sliding glass doors. Remove the two screws located on the inside lock the patio door with a screwdriver. A screw at the top of the handle and the other is at the bottom. Loosen and remove the screws from the door lock, located under the sliding door locks and is the mechanism or part where the door closes. Two screws hold the latch in place, one in the top of the latch, and one at the bottom. Measure the distance between the mounting holes on the patio door and measure the thickness of the door. Place the end of the tape at the point of the top mounting hole, and measured to the center point of the bottom hole assembly. Add extent and thickness of your door. Take your old patio sliding door locks you into the center of remodeling homes to buy a new handle.