Mounting Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

Shutters for sliding glass doors – Sliding glass doors are often equipped with vertical blinds, offering a comfortable, although the blocking solution from light is not very elegant. Vertical blinds are usually white and appear often marked, even against the painted walls. Curtains mounted on the shutters cover extension and add interest to the wall. Basic shutters rods lie too close to the wall to install on hardware blind assembly, but the decorative bars with extenders supports protruding from the wall enough to provide adequate clearance.

Posted on December 29, 2018 Glass Door

Mounting shutters for sliding glass doors, Measure the distance between the floor and place two inches above the top of the door panel. Buy shutters enough time for the height. Measure the width of the door and add eight inches to the total. Measure the depth of the pieces of vertical blind assembly and buy mounting brackets bar with extenders enough to clear the blind hardware time. Mark the center of the door, two centimeters above the top of the molding. Mark a point along the same line above the doors, four inches to the right of the right edge and four inches to the left of the left edge.

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Shutters for sliding glass doors, Center supports mounting brands. Place an electric drill with a bit smaller than the mounting screws size and drill a pilot hole all the way through the drywall screw at each mark. Drywall hammer anchors gently into each hole not supported by an upright frame.  Tighten the tension against the bars with a Philips screwdriver to hold the rods in .