Milgard Sliding Door Frame Styles

Milgard sliding door frames provide structural support to the walls, and allows for the hanging or fitting doors. They consist of three basic parts: two vertical jambs, or support beams and a horizontal jamb, which connects the two side jambs at their peaks. If you plan to install a new door and frame, or replace an existing framework, there are several styles to consider, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Posted on January 10, 2019 Sliding Door

Aluminum frames are light, resist corrosion, and is strong and sturdy. According to Architectural Record, feature the glass-like, oxidized coatings that protect their surfaces from scratches and other damage. In addition to their functionality, the aluminum frames in different finishes so that they can complement both the interior and exterior design schemes. Many aluminum milgard sliding door frame manufacturers use recycled materials, which helps the environment. The biggest negative for aluminum door frames, their cold, at times uninviting appearance, which does not have the same heat, textural qualities of wood or similar materials.

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Fiberglass is made of glass fibers embedded in a plastic resin. Fiberglass door frames have advantages over their wooden counterparts such as to be impermeable to moisture and changes in heat, and will not warp, crack or rot. But the door frames tend to lack aesthetic value and do not have the same textural characteristics as wood. Milgard sliding door frames, which consists of a polymerized synthetic resin, is one of the cheapest frame styles. They are also one of the most common varieties for porches, patios and sliding doors. According Christonium offers these frames sleek, streamlined design. But you can also find models online or home delivery and renovation stores that include ornate designs, patterns or other features.