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Bookshelf with doors – Life is very treacherous, and each manages as he can to keep at bay the horror, sadness and loneliness. Place on the worktable the side and bottom cut at an angle of 90 degrees, considering that the fund is the one that is bolted to the side and not the other way so you can get into the hollow of the shelf. Two holes are made in the bottom, approximately 5 cm, each one end edge and 0.8 cm from the edge, using for this a thin drill (about 2 mm). Then we insert two screws and we press with electric screwdriver until both parts are secured. For the right fit can help a squad.

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Bookshelf with doors, then you mill the door to subsequently insert the hinges, the distance of the milling for the cup with respect to the edge is 5 mm on a hinge 35 mm while the distance milling with respect to both upper and lower edges of the door It would be about 6 cm. It has been used sprung hinge for its simplicity in assembly and ease in setting. Will make the hole with the drill press or drill stand with caution, because we risk through the door. The hole must be deep enough so that you can accommodate the bowl and that this support well.

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Bookshelf with Doors Made of Wood Material

Bookshelf with Doors – Wooden accessories can give your home a sense of warmth, and some wooden shelves on the wall can be both decorative and functional. Wood is a very durable material, so it is suitable for bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, and furniture for television. The wooden wall shelf comes in many different styles, being recessed, hung or supported on the wall. Keep in mind your storage and viewing needs when choosing a shelf style.

There are many different types of wooden shelves that are hung on the wall, however, all styles should be mounted on the wall beams for safety, regardless of the wood used. There is the kitchen cupboard with shelves to store or display glassware and dishes, bookshelf with doors in close condition is to keep objects free of dust. There are traditional wall shelves, designed to place books or some more modern ones that incorporated separate boxes from the upper left to the lower right corner by a divider that stores books at an angle.

You can use a small decorative shelf mounted on a stand to expose a glass ornament or to place the speaker of a stereo. Larger decorative shelves may have several lower supports and a lower area for pegs or hooks from which to hang keys or jackets. Sometimes these decorative shelves have axes on the top and a spike underneath, to expose a quilting or simply to hang hand towels. Another style of a decorative wood shelf is the staircase shelf, using the steps as a small display platform, and the railing to protect the elements from the falls. A bookshelf with doors can also be mounted on the wall, with a two-door compartment upstairs and several drawers below, for valuables.Making a bookshelf door,

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