Installing Sliding Interior Doors

The sliding interior doors offer the ability to have the privacy of a door, without the need to leave room for it to open or close. A sliding door slides on a guide beam which is mounted on the head of the rough opening of a door. When the door is open, lies within the guide which is created by the frame surrounding wall. Framed guide is twice the width of the door plus one inch (2.54 cm). Install a door with guides on an existing wall requires additional steps to install the door on a new wall.

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Sliding interior doors, divide the hinges of the door with a hammer and a screwdriver head to remove the existing flat folding door. Start by removing the hinge down and continues all the way to the top hinge. Hold the door as you withdraw the hinge screws up. Remove half of the hinge that is attached to the door frame with a drill with a # 2 Phillips head.

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Sliding interior doors, mark a line of caulk the edge where the door meets the wall, using a utility knife. Remove the edge of the door. Hammers flathead screwdriver between the edge and the door frame. Put the screwdriver into the door frame to loosen the nails securing the border.

Best Sliding Interior Doors Solution

Sliding interior doors provide an adequate solution to create a visual and acoustic separation in small places or narrow aisles. It’s a good idea to save and maximize space. Furthermore, design of sliding doors usually gives more modern touch housing. What are criteria to consider when choosing a sliding door? Materials and finishes that we find are same as for traditional doors, wood, glass and aluminum mainly. Decoration of all housing and tastes of each help select one or another material.

But more important when defined by sliding interior doors is to be clear guidance system and what it implies in terms of assembly. They are in market several systems, more or less visible and more or less easy to install.

When designing installation of sliding interior doors in a space, you need clear section of wall where door will slide can be a drawback. To remedy this problem, there is option of constructing a double wall within which door slides when opened. with its trim can bear weight, such as a shelf or a hanging, 30kg if 60cm wall and up to 180kg if you are against wall, allowing you to maximize space.