Installing Sliding Door Track

Sliding door track – There are a few different types of projects home improvement that might require you to learn how to install sliding tracks. A sliding door connects to the tracks that are installed to help them slide open and closed with ease. Sliding doors can be installed between the rooms, ranging from the outdoor patio with a kitchen or living room or as a closet door. Specific instructions for installing the slide tracks may vary slightly, so be sure to refer to the instructions in the user manual or installation included with the door.

Posted on January 2, 2019 Sliding Door

Locate the wall studs if you are installing the sliding door track against a wall. Use an electronic stud finder. Mark the studs with a pencil. Measure the area where you are installing the track carefully. You need to ensure it fits perfectly. Use a saw to cut the track to fit in the space that has been measured.

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Lift the track into space to make absolutely sure it fits perfectly. Install the brackets that sliding door track are attached to. Substrates must be nailed to the studs when installing against a wall. Check to be sure that your sliding tracks are installed facing the right way.