Installing Garage Door Vents

Garage door vents – When entering a garage in the summer usually like walking into an oven. A garage without vents traps heat, which is hard on cars and other machines that can be stored. Adding a pair of garage door vents to allow air flow not only decreases the temperature of the garage, but also maintains or even fatal unpleasant gases can accumulate when the doors are closed. Procurement of metal garage door vents in your local hardware store.

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The garage door vents the best. Place vents in at least two outer walls. Higher is better for the exhaust vent, but the air inlets can be placed in a bottom wall if necessary. For heat out, cold air should enter the garage. Cut a hole the size of the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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Everything will outline the hole and make the necessary adjustments. Insert the vent from the outside to test the fit. Run a bead of caulk around the edge of the vent and mount with screws provided. Consider a fan driven by a large garage or when it is not possible to vent from multiple walls to release heat. Contact an electrician to run new power lines to ensure that the project meets local codes.

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