Install Garage Door Lock

The bars lock ensures garage door lock panels of the doors to the rails of it. The locking bars are activated from inside the garage, stopping an attacker to release its locking mechanism. To maintain the integrity of the door, the locking mechanism of the lock bar attached to the edge of the door panel near the same track. A locking rod coupled prevents opening of electric garage door to lift the garage door. Most garage doors use a set of locking bars to secure the door to two lanes of the door.

Posted on January 1, 2019 Garage Door

Garage door lock remove the lid cutout locking bar in the track of the door, if necessary, using a punch and hammer. Some manufacturers of garage doors cover cut away, leaving a hole rectangular on the track. If the track contains cutting deck, hold the stylus on the cover of cut and strike the handle of the hammer blow. Repeat this for the second lane from the door.

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The locking bar positioned in the fully locked position of the garage door lock mechanism. When locked, the L-shaped handle of the lock rod touches the housing of the locking mechanism and the cylindrical shaped handle locking rod extending through the other end of the locking mechanism.