Ideal Sliding Patio Door Window Treatments

Sliding patio door window treatments contribute to a room’s atmosphere and reflect your personal style. But how you dress your windows depends on function and style. Maybe privacy is your goal. Or maybe you are looking for an open, airy treatment. A simple design in a neutral color blends into background while a colorful treatment can set tone for rest of shades in room. Heavier window dressings insulate your home from heating and cooling.

Posted on January 11, 2019 Sliding Door

Choose sliding patio door window treatments curtains for a less formal atmosphere. They are lighter than draperies and often have a rod pocket at top. Slip a tension rod through pocket and hang a couple of natural or thin curtains of cotton in bottom half of a double-hung windows for privacy while letting in sun’s rays. Choose a light curtain calico cafe for a kitchen window and top it with a matching coat. Ruffled way curtains are a good choice for room’s rustic style where privacy is no problem.

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You can also choose sliding patio door window treatments vertical blinds. Coordinating them with room’s colors and layers floor length sheer curtains and drapes over them. Dress a bedroom window with mini-blinds. Pair them with a cornice or valance or dress them up with drapes. Choose Roman blinds in a bold floral to give a boost to an otherwise neutral place.

Sliding Patio Door Window Treatments in Stylish Look

You can find sliding patio door window treatments solutions for these doors that fit almost any budget or style. Install standard curtain panels that can be drawn or pulled all way out of way of door. Assemble bars above and extend them outside door so they do not interfere with opening and closing door. If you use sheer panels for curtains, ensure that they will build all way out of way too. If you do not have full coverage, install a single-coat or build a cornice above door. Or assemble stationary drapery panels on both sides of door. Adding a coordinating valance or cornice, and you has stylish sliding patio door window treatments that leave patio door fully functional.

Gaps fold back out of way is a good choice for sliding doors. If you choose louvered shutters, you can adjust Louvre to let in light even when doors are closed. Using two sets of shutters – one on each side of door – so you can turn off one set while other remains open. Opaque or transparent screens that slide with door shield out sun or prying eyes. These screens can match any decorating style, from a tapestry out of formal dining room to a bamboo or shoji screen for a more modern interior blinds is a common sliding patio door window treatments. They come in various colors and textures and a variety of sizes.