Ideal Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass door – Whether you are doing a complete work at home or if partial, are many things you have to consider for spaces that fit your lifestyle and your family. A crucial decision you have to figure out is choice of interior doors.

Posted on February 23, 2019 Glass Door

When you walk into a house you realize immediately that are an important visual part of decor, so we need you to take air and take yourself time to choose properly. If you plan to install sliding glass door at best price you are interested in this article.

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Small Sliding Glass DoorSize: 1063 x 768

Sliding Glass DoorSize: 1000 x 1200

Sliding Glass Door SmallSize: 886 x 1024

Patio Sliding Glass DoorSize: 998 x 1189

Best Sliding Glass DoorSize: 1600 x 1200

  • Win space: they are designed to offer a solution to problems of space, like blade of door does not swing open way liberate occupied area to be used for other things.
  • More light: it is something that we all want in our home, to be sliding glass door, depending on opacity of type of glass used will gain more or less light through spaces.
  • Open spaces: a glass door is closed but spaces visually communicate, giving greater sense of spaciousness in house.
  • Modern aesthetics: sliding glass door without works have become an aesthetic choice by beauty of finish. They are installed in most modern homes.

Installing Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass door – The doors is an element that is present in every house. That’s when the sliding doors play a fundamental role, and increasingly people are going realizing it. The doors that need work are the ones that are hidden in the wall when open. a partition causes the door will safeguard between this and the wall is constructed.

The sliding glass door are very useful when we do not have much room in our house to use a folding door or if you want to gain space in one of the rooms. Place the top guide of the door by drawing a line with the length of the pipe line. Make two holes in the wall at a distance of 5 cm from each end of the guide. Insert the plugs into the holes and fix the hose holders and fixations of the guide to the wall. Fit the guide and put the brakes on both ends

Sliding glass door, fix the floor guide. Place the guide on the floor where it ends the gap of the door and the wall begins to 2.4 cm it. Secure it to the floor with screws or glue. Place the bearings on the glass sheet. Place the glass door into the guide tube and the floor guide. Set the handle to the glass.

Install a Lock on a Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass door offer limited security for your home. Typical light patio doors have locks that look a bit flimsy. The addition of an extra door lock is a simple way to increase the security level of your home. Most improvement stores home kits offer door locks, installation may seem daunting. But with the right knowledge you should be able to install a second lock glass door in less than an hour, even if you have enough experience with hands on activities.

Place the lock of the sliding glass door where you want the finished piece. The lock itself must be based on the frame around the door. Tapping the framework and tries to hear a hollow sound. If you do not listen, adjust the lock position as a solid sound indicates below the frame glass, and can not drill through the glass.

Look for small holes in the lock, where the screws holding the lock are placed. Push a punch through one of the holes and slightly beat it, applying enough to leave a mark on the sliding glass door pressure. Mark each of the screw holes by pressing the punch through each hole.