How To Manufacture A Sailor Custom Front Door Mats

Custom front door mats – To add a nautical touch to a porch or entryway is a sail doormat both practical and attractive. Getting its name from the ropes that are usually found on the ship’s doormat easy to create from recycled rope found in any garage or around a typical home. Since it is made from recycled material, this kind of doormat is environmentally friendly. And because it’s made of rope, is strong and durable this door mat.

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Instructions manufacture a sailor custom front door mats: 1) Cut 12 1-yard lengths of rope and set aside. 2) Using the bottom of the bucket as a form, coil a rope starting in the center and working out. 3) Attach coil by running a string of hot glue from the center of the coil all the way to the outer edge. Connect the glue gun and let the heater according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the heat glue stick in the glue gun chamber and releases a steady flow of glue in Darlan each layer of rope in coil while pressing the trigger of the glue gun with a smooth touch. 4) Repeat making coils with the remaining 11 pieces of rope.

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Place the doormat by configuring the coils, glue up three coils vertical and four horizontal coils. Create a smooth surface on the outer edge of the mat by laying out the door mat in such a way that the line ends at the outer edge of each coil is directed toward the center of the custom front door mats.