How To Installing A Front Door With Sidelights

Installing a front door -The doors with sidelights added a completely new character to the installing a front door of a house. They can be purchased as a unit or may come separately. It is recommended that you buy the unit with integrated position lights. Follow these steps for installation. Remove the door frame hinges hitting the bottom of the hinge pin with the hammer and punch. Leave the door aside for now.

Posted on February 23, 2019 Front Door

Adjust the jamb with the sidelights at the opening of the installing a front door of the house. If the product is a split jamb, separate the parts and slide one in the opening of the driveway. Center jamb into the opening and place the door shims between the jamb and the wall studs. A nail inserted through prevailed holes in the frame, and the wedge bolt.

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Use a level to make sure the jamb is right, and inserts another door wedge on the same side of the jamb. Insert a nail through the pre-drilled holes in the frame, the wedge and bolt. Place the level on top of the jamb to be sure it is straight and perpendicular to the face probed. Replace the door on the hinge and installing a front door.