How To Garage Door Adjustment

Garage door adjustment РIf you have difficulty opening or closing the garage door, or if you notice resistance when open partially, you may need to make garage door adjustment to restore and working properly. Adjust the docks or cable tension can help prevent the door from sticking. Try the door open from the outside. Opens and closes the door until you determine that the door is stuck. If it sticks within 3 feet or 4 feet from the garage floor, you may have to adjust.

Posted on March 20, 2019 Garage Door

Raise the garage door adjustment and placed a ladder 6 feet underneath to keep it open. Check the springs to make sure no tension. Disengages the spring side of the door track. Replace the spring with the nearest hole if the door closes easily, or if it sticks. Remove the ladder and test the door by placing a level on the bottom to determine if it is level. Continue the process one side at a time until you see that is in equilibrium.

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Open the door and replace the ladder below. Unhook the tension cable that connects to the door with rails. Slide the cradle cable with S hook up and down to adjust the tension. Test the garage door adjustment, and repeats the process until it opens and closes properly.