How To Build An Interior Barn Door

Interior barn door – Build the doorframe to install an interior barn door; you need to build your frame first. Note that the door frame has to bear the full weight of the door; therefore, has to be strong and durable. You can use wooden boards 2 by 4 inches to the doorframe. Cut the wooden board at the height and width of the interior barn door accordingly. Try to cut as straight as possible, as a frame of jagged cut will not enough. You mount the box metal supports and galvanized nails needed to assemble the wooden structure. Join the boards then comes the process to build the actual door. You have to cut the boards to the height of the barn door and place under which built.

Posted on February 25, 2019 Barn & French

Fix the path of the door now riding the track sliding door on top of the wooden frame manufactured using a carpenter’s level to ensure that no irregularly placed. Assemble three track wheels at the bottom of the door, how you are wheels are necessary if you want your interior barn door to open with low applied force. You can install the rails similar to the walls of the barn wall doors and door mounted on the wall.

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Modern Interior Barn DoorSize: 1200 x 1600