Frosted Glass Doors For Bathrooms

Frosted glass doors – Modern technology has allowed many manufacturers to produce shower doors with glass doors that you can replace with good clear, patterned, textured, decorative or scratched.

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frosted glass doors is one of the preferred replacement because they are easy to maintain and repair, opaque materials transparent enough to allow natural light to filter in but charming opaque still giving you complete privacy that you want when showering.

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Frosted glass doors contemporary-style is constructed of brass and glass. Single frosted glass sliding doors brings elegance, textured look and function perfectly for your bathroom. It features a chrome frame; 25-inch thick frosted glass angry for safety, opening the door is reversible and adjustable width from 56 inches to 60 inches.

Frosted glass doors are constructed with plastic and tempered glass frosted. The available sizes are 36 inches by 36 inches and tall glass of 73 and 1/3 inches without the base.

This door is available in two configurations, the left-right wall and wall. It comes with 1/4-inch thick tempered glass frosted, the final choice of polished brass, white, brushed nickel or chrome, anodized aluminum surface of the wall with a choice of brushed nickel finish, polished brass and chrome.

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