Elegant Semi Frameless Shower Door

Semi frameless shower door – Frameless and semi frameless shower door can be installed behind a bathtub, or as separate units. When you installing behind a bath, having an L-shape or a form of “window-box”. L-shaped showers also called shower corner. The glass shower L-shaped, hence the name of L-shaped faces away from the rear wall and a side wall. Showers window-box also called shower room. Glass has three sides. The fourth side is the wall of the shower and is tiled normally. Can also be creative in the type of glass is used for either a semi frameless shower door. Thick glass-quality architectural, ranging from a quarter to half an inch thick, is often chosen for the strong and sturdy shower and to prevent leakage.

Posted on January 1, 2019 Door Ideas

Add interest to your shower with semi frameless shower door texture. It is 3/8 molten glass and Pilkington sources. Master Carre, Stipulate, Rain, Rain Solar (clean water), Storm, Glue Chip and ancient machine (clear water) are all available with a thickness of 3/8 inch. Although you can view these online, you have to see them in person at a local glass supplier to get a good idea of his employer, darkness and light transmission.

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