Easy Finishing Distressed Dining Room Table

Distressed dining room table – finishing your own furniture is a satisfying pastime that creates a unique design that perfectly matches your decor. Whether it is a garage sale or finding a piece you have had for years. You can give new old living furniture with a variety of wood finishing techniques. Annoying furniture creates an “old” finish that also adds new coat of paint with a new look. Although it is not difficult to distress furniture, it requires a light touch and a good sense of imagination to visualize how furniture is use and abused in everyday life.

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Strike wood distressed dining room table with a piece of chain, making wear dents on surface. Then, apply paint to furniture. And then, allow to dry thoroughly. Apply additional coats of paint to cover completely. Apply additional layers of paint to cover completely. You can paint different layers of color on furniture. And then anguish to allow covered coats to show off a little to create an old look.

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Lightly sandpaper areas of distressed dining room table on arms, seat and edges where normal wear would be find. Sandpaper slightly sand furniture areas on arms seat and at edges, where normal wear would be find. Apply a clear polyurethane coat to protect surface. Apply a clear polyurethane coating to protect surface.

Easy Front Door Refinishing

Creating an inviting gateway to house begins with front door refinishing. Choose color style and right door sets tone for interior design of house and compliments architecture. Most common types of front doors steel doors, fiberglass doors and wooden doors.  According to website of Southern Living, choosing right style of front door is equally important to create an attractive gateway. For a formal housing, colonial style, consider adding a pediment over door. In addition, a single door, unadorned with glass panels is ideal for a household of Arts and Crafts style.

Once you choose color and style of front door refinishing, it is important to understand that material used for construction of door. Each type of door requires specific preparation before painting. Prepare a steel door for painting by removing hardware and weather stripping.

Clean door with a gentle cleanser outdoors to remove fingerprints and dirt, suggests the website House Painting Info. Close the door with an oil-based primer fast drying. Most steel doors require at least a primer monitoring of two layers of oil-based exterior paint. For a smooth finish, use a roller or sprayer to apply the paint for front door refinishing.