DIY Small Outdoor And Indoor Fire Pit

Indoor fire pit – Make a small fire pit table to add warmth to your next meeting. Following the same procedure, you can try different shapes and sizes. You can even do something larger to place on the floor of your patio. Please note that this object is intended for outdoor use only.

Posted on January 10, 2019 Door Ideas

Calculate the amount of concrete you will need. For that, fill the plastic container that you’ll use as a template with dry cement mixture. Once you’ve determined how much you need for indoor fire pit, pour the dry mix into the container you use to prepare the cement. Add a little water in the center of the bowl and stir with a stick. Be careful that you do not get too watery or too hard. Read the package instructions carefully to avoid making mistakes.

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Apply vegetable dew on the mold so that it is well covered with this product. Pour half of the cement into the bowl. Then place the tin in the center of the bowl and pour the rest of the cement around. After about 20 minutes, covering the pan with a stack of newspaper and flip it. Put some rocks on the cement around the center hole of indoor fire pit. Place the jar gel fuel into the hole and turn it with a long match.