Custom Closet Doors As The Best Alternatives

Custom Closet Doors – In our website, we have already talked to you on more than one occasion of the Closets. Either to tell you about the different types of closet doors. That we can have or if we want custom closets. This time we are talking about the ones that are custom closets. The custom closets seem to have become fashionable in those homes. That wish to have a decoration that is modern or in fact original. They are also a good alternative when decorating since having a custom design. We can make it either combine with the rest of the bedroom, or space in which it is. Or on the other hand is the closet that has a specific design and decoration. While the rest is limited to a specific color to complement.

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As for the custom closet doors designs are diverse and varied. In fact we can choose the one we like most since these types of closets. Which are made from the placement of some decorative vinyl on their doors. So that we can have the model. That we want from those that present us in the store or carry a personalized image.

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Another style of custom wardrobe will be custom closets. Which we can find in firms such as Ikea. In this way we can choose for example the doors of a model with the body. Or measures of another completely different design. Or choose a custom closet doors of a classic style but that has sliding doors.

How to Build Custom Closet Doors

Building a custom closet doors of a wooden armoire can enhance the look of your closet or repair existing damage without resorting to a complete remodeling project. Cut the wood paneling their measured sizes. Once cut, sand the sides with electric sander. In order to get the best result at the edges sanded you should start with a coarse grade sandpaper. The grade change must be made after sanding the surface in the best way possible with the rougher grade.

Once sanded the door to the desired goal, apply paint or stain of your choice. You will need to apply several coats for best results. Lightly apply each layer, allowing the layer is completely dry before the next application. Place the panel down and score points for the hinges and four inches from the top and bottom of the custom closet doors.

Drill pilot holes in the panel for the wood screws, and then place the hinges. Turn the panel and mark the position of the door handle, drilling a pilot hole and secure the handle also. Place the door in the closet, marking the areas where the hinges are connected with wood screws. Drill pilot holes for the closet itself, and then place the custom closet doors.