Cover Sliding Patio Doors And Windows

Sliding Patio Doors – Rooms with patio access through sliding doors usually have at least one other window. While those two functions do not seem to argue at first sight, their different scales and functions it difficult to cover with coordinating treatments. Instead of throwing plastic vertical blinds in an enthusiastic effort to semi match your glass door treatment with standard horizontal blinds, make an inexpensive but delicious full-length drapery system that both space harmonizes and features your sliding Door a hinder functionality.

Posted on February 26, 2019 Sliding Door

Cover sliding patio doors and windows, Installing hardware and take measurements Curtain, Measure 12 inches to the left of your glass Doors top , and then raise your size 6 inches straight up from that spot. Place a pin here. Perform a taut length of rope between the nails, and use your level over the long rope to ensure the tacks aligned evenly. Remove the twine and nails. Measure in a straight, vertical line from the floor to one of the holes on the whole height from the floor to find. Note this measurement.

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Cover sliding patio doors and windows, Measure 6 centimeters on the left of your screen, and match the height of the hole you just measured. Place a tack here. Repeat the right of the window with the process, and use the rope and in order to ensure evenly placed the holes. Find the distance between the two window empty tab holes, and record this measurement in addition to the height measurement you took earlier. Drill holes in your vehicle markings and install drywall plugs into the pilot holes.