Closet Sliding Doors: Simple Options

Closet Sliding Doors – Closet sliding doors are very convenient for rooms with limited space. When you have a small room, you do not want to put things in front of or next to the closet doors, because it prevents you from opening the door all the way. Sliding doors prevent issues like this. But many sliding doors is simply and does not have a sense of style, but there are some great ways to dress them up.

Posted on February 22, 2019 Sliding Door

If you have wooden closet sliding doors, a great way to dress them up is a big stencil. You can buy a large, ready-made stencil or you can make your own, making your creative juices to flow. You can track your stencil closet doors and paint or you can attach your stencil on the door and use a sponge to dab color in the stencil and paint the closet doors that way. You can add some beautiful, white trim molding around your closet doors to complete the look and describe your new stenciled closet doors.

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If you want to dress up your closet sliding doors, the blackboard paint a great way to add some drama. Chalkboard paint is cheap and it is especially wonderful for children as it gives them a chance to be creative and write on the walls, so to speak. Parents can also write important reminders or messages on the closet doors, because children have to go to the closet every day to get the clothes out to dress so they are guaranteed to get the message.