Beautiful As Exterior Double French Doors

Exterior Double French Doors -Exterior double French doors If you think your entrance or your patio needs an extra boost, can double doors be an attractive solution. The possibility of opening both doors provide both a sense of being extra welcome when visitors stand in front of the front door – and make sure to close even more light and air from the garden or terrace.

Posted on December 31, 2018 Barn & French

Exterior double French doors must be able to be used several times a day for many years. Therefore, all our double doors three hinges on each side. This makes the door both stable and durable. We even provide a 10 year guarantee on all types. Your exterior double French doors must fit the rest of the house – and therefore you can of course get your new external door or patio door in the same material as the rest of your doors and windows.

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We have some standard models which are respectively exterior doors or patio doors. But all the doors can be manufactured to suit your needs.  All our exterior double French doors could be applied as both main doors and patio doors. Most often it is just a matter of putting a different grip and changes the direction of opening. This allows you to get just the door that you think best suits your house. However, although an exterior double French doors comprises two doors, the price is not double that of a single door. In fact, a double door in many cases, a cheaper solution than a single door with corresponding wall element.